27 March 2017

Fantastic Voyage: Pitch

Target Research
Influence Map
Concept Art: Logo
Concept Art: Characters
Concept Art: The Studio

Animatic. - Please note, Audience sounds have been left out. There is an "Ooooo!" on the first shot of the audience, an "Awwww!" on the second shot of the audience, and an "Ahhhh!" on the third shot of the audience.

26 March 2017

Fantastic Voyage: Animatic - Part 1

The first part of my animatic. I shall be adding in "Oooo", "Aahhh" and "Awwww" sounds respectively for the audience, and will be putting music over the part where the cells are running along the track. I am pleased with how this is going so far, and look forward to seeing it all put together as the final animatic and as a fully fledged animation.

22 March 2017

17 March 2017

@Phil: Cell Cycle Game Show Script - Mini Draft

I've typed up a very rough script for the beginning of my piece - I welcome any feedback, be it based on the writing style, tone, or overall effectiveness of sticking to the theme.

I have received feedback from people already about making the start of the Host's dialogue involving more of the science of the Cell Cycle, so I will be implementing those changes into the next draft version.

As for who to voice the Host, I have a Voice Actor in mind that I know would be willing to aid me in my project, but will wait until he is confirmed before revealing any details.

15 March 2017

Soundscapes: Reflective Statement

When first tasked with this project, I was eager to get stuck in and play around with recording and manipulating different sounds - I managed to create a rough version of one of the soundscapes within the first week of being given the brief!

I do feel that I somewhat rushed the Second and Third Soundscapes, and that I could have made them a bit meatier, a bit more refined, but, what's done is done. I'm proud of what I managed to achieve over this project, and learned many new things about the software we used (Adobe Audition), skills which I shall definitely be putting to practise in the near future.

Onwards to the next project!

9 March 2017

Fantastic Voyage: Initial Design Ideas

Here is the photoshop document I currently have open, where I am noting down potential ideas, colour schemes and designs for my animation.

Fantastic Voyage: Influence Map

My Influence Map
This is my current Influence Map for my "Fantastic Voyage" Project. I will be doing The Cell Cycle.

My idea was to present The Cell Cycle as a Game Show, with each checkpoint being like a different round of the show. fI will be taking inspiration from things like Total Wipeout or the inflatable courses you see in the Influence Map for the design of the set/studio/course.

An Image of the Cell Cycle, with marked checkpoints
Art style wise, I am thinking of mainly designing the various cells and the Game Show Host simplistically, a la "Dumb Ways to Die", although whilst researching images for this I remembered a game that had a somewhat simple art style - Mini Ninjas.

Production Art for Mini Ninjas
Even though there is a fair amount of detail within the character designs of Mini Ninjas, the game is aimed at younger children, so they have to be designed in a way to make them appeal to that younger audience. Because I would like my Target Audience to primarily be mid-to-late teens, whilst still wanting the process and animation being understood by people of all age groups, I feel that by having simpler characters and making them appear more child-friendly, will help aid the readability of my final piece.