23 April 2017

Celltastic! Updated Pre-Vis Set

Here is the updated version of the pre-vis set model. I have added the outer platforms to the centre piece, and added a tube for the cell to go down so that they can start the Cycle again.

With the background, I used a "Cloud" texture, and used a dark & a pale red palette. I wanted the background to look like a generic sort of "flesh" texture, so that people could still somewhat understand that this was taking place inside of a person.

On each of the outer platforms will be a certain challenge that the Cell has to complete in order to pass onto the next section. The host will be standing on the paler tower that is in the centre of the set, acting as the "Overseer" character that Dr. Klappa described.

I am still unsure of the texture to use for the tube on the left. I was debating whether to keep it this texture, or to make it a shinier plastic kind of texture like the coloured sections of the rest of the set. I also do not know if I want to keep the texture used for the background, try to find something that gives off a better feel that this is taking place inside a person, or whether this current texture is sufficient enough in doing that.

19 April 2017

Celltastic! Title Card Update

I redid parts of the Title Card, one having the text with a "Blinn" texture, the other having a "Toon Shader". I have deliberately left the background blank as I want this to appear over the footage of the "studio", a la Strike It Lucky.

Strike It Lucky Opening

Text with Blinn

Text with Toon Shader
Again, any feedback or constructive criticism is welcome.

16 April 2017

Celltastic! Background Variations - Update

Here is an updated version of the Title Card for Celltastic!, I have taken feedback from various people on colour choice and style for this piece. Please provide any constrctive criticism in the comment section.

14 April 2017

Celltastic! Background Variations

Here are 6 variations of the background using colours selected from Paletton. These are all the possible colour combinations for these 3 colours.


Here is a GIF I created of the variations of the background, with the title of the show over the top. All the images for this GIF were rendered in Maya, hence why the background looks a bit paler compared to the individual images.

Would people prefer the background as just one of the 6 static options, or animated? Please let me know by leaving a comment stating either the number you prefer or "Gif" for the GIF.

12 April 2017

Celltastic! Font Choice

Here is a selection of 10 Typefaces I feel could work for my Animation. Would people please leave a comment stating which design they prefer! :)

11 April 2017

Celltastic! Revamped Logo/Title Card

These are my new designs for the Logo/Title Card for the game show. I am unsure whether to go for the Yellow background, or the Blue background, and would appreciate people's opinions on which of the two works best, and if they have any alternative colours to suggest

8 April 2017

Fantastic Voyage basic Pre-Vis Set

A basic mock-up of what I imagine the set to look like for the Game Show. Each stage of the Cell Cycle is represented by a different colour, and contestants must complete challenges on each of the outer platforms to be able to progress on to the next stage. The Host would stand on the light grey tower in the middle, so that it is able to oversee the cells' journey around the cycle.

There will be more elements added to this, but I just wanted to get the basic structure down first, before going into too much detail.