14 April 2017

Celltastic! Background Variations

Here are 6 variations of the background using colours selected from Paletton. These are all the possible colour combinations for these 3 colours.


Here is a GIF I created of the variations of the background, with the title of the show over the top. All the images for this GIF were rendered in Maya, hence why the background looks a bit paler compared to the individual images.

Would people prefer the background as just one of the 6 static options, or animated? Please let me know by leaving a comment stating either the number you prefer or "Gif" for the GIF.


  1. I feel like the pictures are too bright and jarring to look at. I prefer the gif because its muted, I think you should try and add something more behind/around the text to make it look more like an emblem? it would make it stand out more from the background, something like this maybe? :)

    1. Hey Graeme! I did a very basic one, do you reckon a rectangular shape like this would work? Or should I make it more unique/cell shaped?

  2. Hi Joe I think it kind of looks like a number plate. It just needs more pizzazz it needs to say "THIS IS A GAME SHOW" so more in your face as they always are. Id look at examples of game show logos such as:





    I think Id change the rotation of the text too and make it centred and maybe even a little bit lower down. I'd think about changing the Rastafarian colours too and instead maybe think of cells for the colour palette so more like cells/tissue/skin colours, having those Rastafarian colours is a bit too much but if you wanted colours like that you could maybe make them envelope the text more so then you wound not have to bleach out the colours (I know maya does this) as they woundnt fill the whole screen.

    So id have the text, something wrapping around/behind the text id maybe have a picture of a cell like this behind the text too or incorporated some way

    all encapsulated in one so that it looks like one solid logo Id make it look really 3D too. I'd try and make it really clear and in your face that its a "GAME SHOW ABOUT CELLS".

    I know doing this in maya could be tough, Id give a whirl of it in photoshop, Dafont and even Behance have shit tonnes of 3D text that would really make it pop.

    In photoshop If you want to change the colour of the part of that text that you download to make it look more 3D, just rasterise the text layer by going to layer>rasterise>layer and then you can use the paint bucket tool on the text to paint parts of it a different colour.

    if you were doing the cell design in photoshop you could then use the blending options in the layer panel to add a bevel and emboss to make that really pop out too,
    I hope this helps :)

    1. Hi Graeme! I haven't added any colour to the piece behind the text yet, but is this more along the lines of what you meant?