10 May 2017

@Phil: Celltastic! Audio

Here is the audio for my animation. I will upload this combined with the fully edited video tomorrow.


  1. Hey Joe... not to be annoying, but the brief does say that voice-overs need to be 'professionally recorded' - I'm not sure this is the case here, or rather the quality of the recording seems less than professional? I do understand that things are too late to change, but just flagging it up. In general terms, the cheesy music is suitably... cheesy :)

    1. Hi Phil,

      I forgot to mention in the original post that there is an "AM Radio" equalization over this, to make it sound more like the audio you'd get from a VHS. The animation will have a slight "VHS" effect over it as well, so it plays as if somebody had recorded an episode of their favourite game show!

      Glad you like the music! :)