12 May 2017

Celltastic! Final Animation & Reflective Statement

Here is my final animation for the "Fantastic Voyage" Assignment.

Unfortunately, due to trying to have to fit the video within the 3 minute mark, I had to cut the description of Mitosis from the audio, as it pushed the audio track to roughly 4 minutes. I still think that it works well without all of the detail of Mitosis, as this is an animation about the Cell Cycle as a whole, not just that final phase, so I feel skimping on the details was not only necessary, but quite justifiable.

If I were to do this project again, the main thing I would do differently is I would start off by creating the "Art Of/Making Of" document at the very start of the project, and adding to it as I go, so that A: No information is missed out, and B: I don't try to rush it with it ending up not looking as good as it could have done.

My main struggle with this project, as it was with the other projects, was organisation and time management. I tried setting myself a schedule to stick to, do this section for x hours, take a break, return to that section, do section y for 2 hours, etc. But I slipped back into the old routine of either being too distracted, or not feeling enough drive to do the work, which made me even more frustrated with my lack of progress.

I feel like after talking to fellow students and my local G.P., I have an idea on how to tackle those depressive episodes, and minimise them as much as possible, so as to make sure I get all of the project done on time!

And yes, Phil, that includes the film reviews too ;)

I look forward to returning for a Second Year at UCA, and seeing how a future, more productive and enthusiastic me will handle the workload.

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